Timna Taylor

Condiment Dishes - "Wetlands"

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Legendary potter Timna Taylor has hand shaped and painted each condiment dish - each being a mini landscape representative of the Australian bush.

Available in two styles, all these dishes are from Timna's "Wetlands" exhibition.

Small Dish
diameter: 7cm
height: 2cm

Large Dish/Dipping Bowl
diameter: 8-9cm
height: 4cm

Nb. these are hand-made pieces and dimensions are approximate only. 

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Timna Taylor is a highly collectible Australian ceramicist residing in Northern NSW. Her journey as an artist started with painting, so it's no surprise that Timna brings a painterly eye to ceramics - her glazes layered and re-fired many times to build a lush and nuanced palette.

Her work draws inspiration from the Australian landscape - the subtle and complex interplay of light and shadow that filters through the bush that surrounds her is reflected in each lovingly constructed piece.

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