Since its inception, DEA has offered strong support for artists and makers of all kinds, both local and international.  While DEA stocks many fine commercial products, from the stylishly utilitarian to up-market designer, its passion has always been for the hand-made and the vision particulier.

Owner and founder, Karin, has had a long association with the arts, extending  back to her days in the art book trade, the MCA design shop and in fashion. Before DEA she curated several successful exhibitions at Gallerie Vicino in Sydney's iconic Yellow House, showcasing emerging and established visual artists, such as Michelle Hamer and Kyle Murrell.

So it was only natural when DEA first opened that artists and sculptors should be a core part of our offering. This quickly expanded to include local and Japanese ceramicists, and we currently showcase some of Australian's finest along side exciting and masterful talent from Japan.

Karin is always happy to speak knowledgeably and in depth about our artists and their work, but she has to sleep sometime! So while waiting to chat, please peruse our artist list to read about the amazing talent you'll find at (and often only at) DEA.

We also love a show, so we've hosted successful exhibitions every year since we opened in October 2014. See the full list here, and there will be bigger and better to come!