Timna is a highly collectible Australian ceramicist residing in Northern NSW.

Her journey as an artist started with painting, so it's no surprise that Timna brings a painterly eye to ceramics - her glazes layered and re-fired many times to build a lush and nuanced palette.

Her work draws inspiration from the Australian landscape - the subtle and complex interplay of light and shadow that filters through the bush that surrounds her is reflected in each lovingly constructed piece.

Soft like watercolour, like looking over a lake on a drizzly day, or bold and graphic like an abstract painting, Timna works in repeat patterns but no outcome is ever the same.

Her glazes hover and shimmer before the eye, like the chirruping of cicadas made real onto the surfaces of her vessels. 

She has been influenced by Shoji Hamada, one of the three proponents of the Japanese Folk Art movement last century (along with Kawai Kanjiro and Bernard Leach). A "rakuist" at heart, Timna likes experimentation to be the teacher, gaining knowledge from her mistakes.

Timna follows the belief that art can be held in the hands - that the quest for beauty is balancing to the soul. We certainly feel strong emotions gazing at Timna Taylor works. It’s not surprising she has such a strong and dedicated following.


Timna's work has been gracing the shelves since 2016, but individual pieces never stay long - it brings us great joy to know that we've helped to share her work far and wide.


We've had four exhibitions featuring Timna's work now - the most recent being solo shows - and they've all drawn a strong crowd of both the ceramic cognoscenti and amateur admirers alike.

11-12 NOV 2022 • Where The Creeks Meet
26 NOV 2021 • Wetlands
08 NOV 2018 • 100 Trees
14 JUL 2016 • Winter Fuyu