Tallulah Brown

Linen Napkins - Embroidered - Norwegian Blooms

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This delightful series of crisp table napkins was inspired by the summer flowers of Norway - when the days are long the fields and gardens burst into bloom.

Featuring six of Tallulah Brown's favourite Norwegian blooms, each hand embroidered on 100% linen with fancy mitred edges.

The bright yellow optimism of the Buttercup is almost always part of the beautiful Scandinavian flower-scape and is sure to brighten up any table setting. 

The soft, sweet blue of the tiny Forget-me-nots is among the most delicate of the Norwegian blooms. They are so pretty and as the namesake suggest inspire a deep sense of nostalgia.

When the days are long the fields and gardens burst into bloom, another joyful favourite is the Red Clover.

The tall graceful flower known as Willow Herb or Fireweed in North America is a common feature around fields and along the roadsides during Summer in many far Northern regions. Framed by the stunning landscapes of Norway this beautiful pink flower is a favourite.

Harebells are one of the prettiest flowers to grace the Norwegian landscape. Watching the delicate, purple, bell shaped blooms fluttering gently in the wind, one can’t help but imagine a fairy picnic. These paper thin blooms are truly one of the subtle wonders in this part of the world.

The charming Thistle Flowers were common on Runde Island, a spectacular Norwegian island where Puffins nest. Although thistles are common throughout the world and a more closely associated with Scotland than Norway, they were included in this set because of how beautiful and prominent  they are in the Nordic landscape.

width: 47cm
length: 47cm

Fabric table napkins.
Embroidered front, plain back, mitred edges.

100% linen.
Machine washable.
Designed in Australia.
Handmade in India.

Based in the Byron Bay Hinterland, with a studio nestled amongst regenerated forest, Tallulah Brown is a textile artist committed to the sustainability of the native landscape and sustainable products.

For this series, Tallulah looks further afield, to the awe inspiring glaciers, fjords, mountains and rivers of Norway. In summer, the meadows are graced with delicate blooms, in the many shades of blue, pink and vibrant yellow that pop out of bright green grass under the midnight sun. 

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