Tallulah Brown works from her studio nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland on Bundjalung Country.  She has qualifications in both Fine Arts and Biological Science from UNSW, and her work is driven by a deep love of, and respect for nature, conservation and regeneration. 

Tallulah's unique and beautifully embroidered textiles showcase Australia’s native biodiversity and feature iconic Australian flora and fauna. 

Her designs are truly modern in that they are machine embroidered, yet still artisan made. All begin as drawings or original photographs, which are then painstakingly transformed into a digital embroidery file, stitch by stitch. In the studio a small, single thread embroidery machine is used to stitch out the designs. 

All pieces are stitched in house or locally outsourced on natural, ecologically sustainable linen. 

The tradition of embroidery is age old, dating back over 30,000 years. Palaeolithic burial clothes were embroidered with mammoth ivory beads. This timeless craft transcends culture and geography, from early Chinese silk embroidery, to Mexican, Hungarian, tribes of South east Asia, Hmong, Bedouin tribes and Medieval European. 

Tallulah's designs all begin as drawings or original photographs. They are then painstakingly transformed into a digital embroidery file, stitch by stitch. The bulk embroidery and manufacturing is carried out by a dedicated team in India. Items are then finished off here in Australia.

At a time when many textiles products are made at the expense of both exploited workers and environmental destruction, Tallulah's products are made from natural, ecologically sustainable fabrics, such as linen and organic cottons. The cushion inserts are filled with Alpaca wool.

Importantly, every person involved in the long chain to final product is paid fairly with good, safe working conditions. 


Tallulah wishes to encourage people to turn their thoughts to nature and biodiversity whilst enjoying these beautiful pieces in their home - napkins, coasters and soft yet supportive alpaca filled cushions.