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"Small Fry" Flameware Skillets - Medium

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"Small Fry" medium flameware skillets from Grit Ceramics. 

Made from a scientifically developed clay body - designed to withstand thermal shock when placed on an open flame or heat source. Uniquely versatile, their clever design and elegant form means these vessels can go from freezer to stovetop, from oven to tabletop, or grill to countertop.

They're suitable for gas flame or even camp fire cooking without significant preparation or concern. This is restaurant grade cookware and tableware - expertly thrown and beautifully finished in either black or brick.

diameter: 23cm
width: 28cm (incl. handles)
height: 3cm
weight: 1kg

Flameware skillet.
Handmade in Australia.

See the whole range of stunning, elegant tableware made especially for DEA by Grit Ceramics.

Grit Ceramics is a solo pottery production microfactory in the northern rivers region of NSW, Australia and is the work of super-talented ceramicist Leia Sherblom. Grit normally produces bespoke work for high-end restaurants, designed in collaboration with chefs and owners. We are fortunate to be able to present this special range of work, designed just for DEA customers. 

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