Stephanie Phillips is a ceramic artist living in Sydney, Australia. She draws strong influence in her artistic direction from both of her grandmothers. Her paternal grandmother was a Russian immigrant who was a talented artist and craftswoman, while her maternal grandmother was involved in the establishment of The Crommelin Native Arboretum at Pearl Beach, NSW, where Stephanie has spent many weekends and holidays since childhood.

At a young age, she developed an affinity with the Australian bush and the influence of the forms and colours of native flora are evident in her work. Drawing on her love of plants, she creates curved vessels to house a modern Ikebana. Using a combination of clays, glazes and oxides she creates her own colours and textures.

Stephanie studied glass arts at Sydney College of the Arts, mosaics at Randwick Tafe and fabric design and printing at East Sydney Tech before finding her true calling in ceramics. She has studied at ceramics at Gymea Tafe and at Hazelhurst in Sydney. Her resume includes visual merchandising, set dressing and styling.

Stephanie was invited to exhibit at 1,000 Vases during Paris Design Week in 2019 & it was there that French fashion designer Jaquemus purchased all of her work for his restaurant Oursin on the Champs Élysées.

Stephanie's influences include Barbara Hepworth, Ruth Duckworth, Salvatore Fiume, Valentine Schlegel & Sonia Ferlov Mancoba amongst others.


Potent, organic and totemic, Stephanie's work is much sought after by interior designers and collectors alike. She works mainly in Terracotta and Raku and BRT clay, however her complex forms lead to a high attrition rate in the kiln, and we generally have limited stock of her work available.


21 NOV 2020 • Moonlight Garden 

In November 2020 Stephanie’s work was shown in a DEA exhibition entitled ‘Moonlight Garden’ with artist Michael McIntyre in the showroom of award winning interior design team YSG Studios.