Ebony Russell is an Australian ceramic artist living in Sydney. She received her Masters in Fine Arts (Ceramics) from the National Art School, Sydney and is now a sessional lecturer in the Ceramics Department. 

She uses an unorthodox approach to construct ceramic sculptures. Her unique technique was developed out of an interest in gendered aesthetics, labour and traditional craft practices where Russell methodically pipes porcelain in series of intricate layers to build gravity-defying forms.

Challenging the traditional making processes of decorative vessels; in her works the decoration becomes the structure, and the boundaries between the two are erased. Exploring established perceptions of cultural and artistic practices that were once exclusively coded as feminine and thus insignificant, Russell’s work celebrates the decorative, promiscuous aesthetics and politics of purity; the superficial, excess and delight – with pleasure.  

Russell releases work under the name Studio Piped Dreams which is her experimental playground. Complimenting her conceptual art practice, she creates decadent, highly experimental and overtly feminine functional objects that are an ode to excess. Piped Dream Studio is a collection of functional pieces that reference the delicate layers and embellishments of her sculptural work.  


We had been following Ebony's work for some time, and already had one of her extraordinary pieces in our own collection, when we had the chance to work with her as part of our Friends of DEA x Kil.n.it exhibition in February 2023.

Ebony's work was a show favourite, and we are now proud and excited to be able to offer her unique ceramic vision as part of our permanent roster at DEA.


Friends of DEA x Kil.n.it
16 FEB - 26 FEB 2023 • DEA EAST


2023 Think Pinker, Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles 
2022 SABOTAJE ESTEìTICO, Yusto Giner Gallery, Spain 
2022 Halcyon Days, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco 
2022 Clay Dynasty, The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
2022 Interconnected, NERAM


2022 Meroogal Women’s Art Prize
Franz International Rising Star Award