Yang Qiu

"Squash With Flowers" Sculpture - "Fantastic Garden" - June 2024

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"Squash With Flowers" ceramic sculpture by Yang Qiu from the "Fantastic Garden" show, June 2024.

A lovely, delicate sculptural piece, based on the shape of a squash, adorned with a sweet little spray of yellow flowers, and finished in lush aquamarine hues with blush red highlights.

height: 8cm
width: 13cm
depth: 13cm
weight: 400g

Nb. this work is handmade so dimensions are approximate.

Handbuilt ceramic sculpture.
Mid fired clay, underglaze, lustre.
Handmade in Australia.

"Fantastic Garden" was Yang Qiu's first solo show at DEA EAST. It features work made during her residency in Jingdezhen, China, where she drew inspiration whilst exploring the local fruit and vegetable markets.

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Yang Qiu is a prolific interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Informed by her background as a pastry chef, her unique approach to ceramic creation, involves transforming local produce, such as corn, eggplants, and mandarins, into functional ceramic sculptures, all while exploring the shapes and surfaces of food in her paintings. 

She imbues her work with a sense of whimsy and childlike wonder, often characterising her creations with faces and legs, as though imbuing them with personalities and identities. 

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