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Wok Tool (Stir Frying)

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Wok tool from Wood + Soul - maker of lovingly hand-carved cooking implements.

A classic, long-handled, flat-headed wok tool, hand-carved from She-Oak - perfect for stir frying.

length: 36cm
width: 6.5cm

Nb. these are handmade items so dimensions are approximate only and actual sizing may vary.

Wooden wok tool.
Hand-carved She-Oak.
Handmade in Australia.

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Wood + Soul see their tools as "functional sculptures" - made to be both perfectly suited to a wide variety of kitchen needs, but also as little works of art. These utensils are lovingly carved from She-Oak, and much care is taken to express the natural curve and grain of the wood. Thus they are at no point sanded - finished only with spokeshaves, scrapers and hand-stitched rasps - as sanding can often weaken or damage the wood.