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"Suri Bowl" Ceramic Mortar and Wooden Pestle

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A "Suribachi" bowl is a common cooking tool in Japan for grinding and mashing food. The jagged surface inside the bowl makes it easy for grinding, but also preserves the texture of the ingredients.

Our customers rave about the fantastic design of these bowls - the ridging on the interior ensures less elbow grease and more grind!

We feel the great design and organic look typifies a great DEA product. It's an absolute pleasure to use and has a rubber footing to prevent slippage.

Suri-bowls are perfect for making guacamole dip, mashed potato, or spice mix.
Each bowl comes individually, beautifully boxed.

In white/black or black/white, and in three sizes - a beautiful and useful addition to any kitchen.

Made from Motoshige ceramic.

Small: 120 × 110 × 65mm (~ 335g)
Medium: 155 × 145 × 85 mm (~ 610g)
Large: 185 × 180 × 100mm (~ 1000g)