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Greek Salt & Pepper Grinders with Handle (Copper/Brass)

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Available in either copper or brass, and in two sizes, these brass handled salt and pepper grinders make a stunning addition to any table.

With an adjustable grind, this range were originally produced for grinding coffee for Greek soldiers in the trenches at the turn of the century. After the war, the line expanded to include spice, salt and pepper grinders in the 1970s.  

The pepper grinders have a sturdy metal mechanism, while the salt grinders' mechanism is made from durable plastic, to avoid corrosion from the salt.

If buying both pepper and salt in copper, the salt mill will develop a dark patina quite quickly, so you can distinguish between the two on the table if you buy the same height.

If purchasing brass, please select two different sizes or metallic construction so you can tell each apart. 

diameter: 5cm
height: 20.5cm

diameter: 5.5cm
height: 23cm

5 year guarantee.
Made in Greece.

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