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Hand Engraved "Ribbon" Glasses

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Seriously, the most beautiful glasses in the world….

Hand engraved in Japan - your Campari and Soda, Sake, or Whisky never looked or tasted better.

We love mixing the sakè glass with other ceramic cups and the tall tumbler is sheer indulgence.

The images here really don’t do justice to the look and pleasant weight to this glassware - crystal clear with etched drawn lines that form like silky ribbons around the cup.

The ultimate gift.

8oz Old-Fashioned Glass
capacity: 260ml
height: 89mm
diameter 80mm 

2oz Sake/Shot Glass (Sandblasted)
capacity: 85ml
height: 61mm
diameter: 56mm 

2oz Sake/Shot Glass (Clear)
capacity: 85ml
height: 61mm
diameter: 56mm