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"Crumple" Old-Fashioned Tumblers / Whiskey Glasses

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Incredible hand blown glass tumblers from Japan, in which to explore your favourite whiskey or cocktail.

All "Crumple" glasses have a fine yet robust edge, and each sip is different according to the twist of the glass.

And the classic "Crumple" Old-Fashioned is now even part of the permanent collection at MOMA, NYC, acquisitioned for its worldly design attributes.

Individually boxed, all items are made of a particularly fine soda-lime glass, for incredible sparkle and clarity.

Available in clear or frosted.

diameter: 83mm
height: 83mm
capacity: 300ml
weight: 319g

Designed by Makoto Komatsu.
Hand blown in Japan.
Soda-Lime Glass.

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And for whiskey, we also have the "Slant" Whiskey Glass, which has a smooth bevelled base and is tilted from its vertical axis.

Crumple Pedestal Clear and FrostedSlant

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