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Japanese Vintage Lidded "Tanuki" Katakuchi (Sake Pourer) with Kintsugi

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Unique and playful Japanese vintage ceramic Katakuchi (sake pourer).

This special piece has a lid and features a Tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) motif. The Tanuki's face is on the lid, and its other (comically exaggerated) body parts form the rest of the vessel.

And making this piece even more special, is that the spout has been restored with Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing ceramics with gold - making a feature out of a break that has been made whole again. 

height: 11.5cm
opening: 5cm
width: 8cm (incl. spout)

Nb. these are hand made items so dimensions are approximate.

Vintage Ceramic.
Hand made in Japan.

Nb. Kintsugi work is food safe, but cannot handle heat. This piece should be hand rinsed in cold water and hand dried.

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