Toru Hatta

Mishima Sobachoko/Cup

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Mishima Sobachoko/Cup by Toru Hatta.

In Hatta's Mishima works, bamboo or iron tools are used to carve intricate patterns which are then inlayed with slip and wiped back. It is a cumulative process that requires immense skill and patience, one where the hand of the maker is ever present and never replicable.

diameter: 8cm
height: 7cm

Nb. these are hand made pieces and measurements are approximate.

Hand Made in Japan.

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Toru Hatta is a powerhouse ceramicist based near Osaka, Japan. His work is a contemporary fusion of Japanese, Korean and Chinese ceramic history, expert craftsmanship and a focus on the spiritual character of clay.

At DEA, we've been admiring and purchasing his work since our first foray to Japan in 2013, and we were fortunate enough to meet him at a Tokyo exhibition in March 2020. We are now excited to introduce his work to Australia. 

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