The Honey Barn

The Honey Barn - 100% Pure Australian Honey

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We are so pleased to be selling Frankie Cassar’s 100% pure Australian honey!

Her honey is raw, all natural and Australian owned and made and she LOVES her bees. She says they do all the hard work. Made in small batches it is already used in her local restaurant.

Frankie says: "Having the time to notice the peaches and the plums blossoming in the yard - thank you COVID - we noticed the bees were plentiful. Admiring their industriousness, we got our first hive. In one year the bees flourished and the hives multiplied - the Honey Barn came into being."

Under the watchful eyes of Cosmo, Tilly, and the resident hens, The Honey Barn now harvests from the hives in the Hawkesbury and the Central Tablelands.

500g Glass Jar
100% Pure Honey
Made in Australia

Frankie has been a long standing customer of DEA - she is a hairdresser by trade going by the Instagram handle Frankiefrizz … but really she should be called Frankie Fussy because we know that Frankie is a perfectionist.