Tetsuya Ozawa

"Bear Friend" - XL (White) - April 2024

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Extra large "Bear Friend" by Tetsuya Ozawa from April 2024.

These adorable, handbuilt figures are Tetsuya's homage to his equally talented wife, Hikari Masuda, and to her love of bears of any kind. Beautifully rendered, and in his own masterful fashion, they are at once friendly and approachable, while retaining Tetsuya's classical and timeless style.

In his signature "kofuki" glaze in white.

height: 31cm
width: 20cm
depth: 17cm
weight: 2.7kg

Nb. these are handmade pieces and measurements are approximate.

Handbuilt ceramic figure.
Handmade in Japan.

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Born in 1984, Tetsuya Ozawa lives and works in the ancient ceramic town of Tokoname, Japan. After studying Fine Arts at Nagoya University, he apprenticed under ceramic master, Yoshikawa Masamichi.

In his work, there is a nod to classicism, restraint and refinement, but with the appearance of lightness and a modern fresh brilliance wrought into his surfaces, which is achieved by his special glazing technique. Called "Kofuki", it's a process whereby white soil is dusted over local Tokoname clay forms after firing, and the palette is restricted to the clay colours of the the region - rust, yellow, white & black.

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