Terunobu Hirata

Terunobu Hirata - Sake Set - Twist Facet - Matt Black

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Heavenly twist faceted tokkuri and o-choko - the twist facet is a hallmark technique honed by Hirata san over 25 years. We love the earthy geometry of these sets.

height: 16cm
width: 9cm

height: 5cm
width: 6cm

Nb. these are handmade pieces and measurements are approximate.

Handmade in Australia.

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Terunobu Hirata arrived in Australia from Osaka, Japan in 1973.

Originally trained as a chef, he moved to pottery 25 years ago, working in stoneware and porcelain. His designs are bold and contemporary with lustrous glazes.

A nod to the past with organic style glazing partnered with perfectly proportioned shapes, Hirata’s work is a joy to live with.