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Mints, Lemongrass & Linden Flower Tea

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Refreshing, smooth and calming. Good for relaxation.

Only organic, non-sprayed botanical used.
No added flavourings and colourings (even natural ones).

Inspired by the the traditional Moroccan mint tea, this tea is blended with two types of mints, a touch of Lemongrass and Linden flower to give it a very velvety and unique accent.

Linden tree is an ancient deciduous tree native to the western European region, including the British isles, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Deeply rooted in the mythologies, its presence has been as sacred and its leaves and flowers (also known as Lime Flower) have been made into herbal teas and tinctures as a way to ward off evil spirits.

Flavour Description:
This tea has a smooth minty front note, follow by a hint of zesty citrus note and slight green vegetal back note.

Organic Botanicals (Spearmint, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Linden flower).

Servings per packet:
30-45 cups.