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Green Tea Formosa

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Single estate green tea sourced from middle highlands of Taiwan. Smooth and fragrant. No fuss brewing.

Sourced from micro tea estates.
Only organic, non-sprayed botanical used.
Free from additives, including flavourings, extracts and colourings.

From the southern highlands of Taiwan, this tea is harvested by hand at in an organic micro tea farm. The tea is hand picked in Early Spring to ensure the best taste and aroma.

Different from the standard green tea, this tea starts out smooth and with a subtle fragrance of jasmine, then it transcends into more complex flavour profiles such as vanilla and the typical green tea tannic astringency after a few brews.

To get the full profile of this tea, it is best to re-brew the same leaves 3-4 times. That way, you will truly be on a tea journey.

Harvest Period:
Early April 2016 (Spring)


Flavour Description:
Smooth and with a subtle fragrance of Jasmine.

Servings per packet:
30-40 cups (of first infusions).