Takazawa Tohaku Candle Sets

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Takazawa from Nanao have been making traditional Japanese Candles since 1892.

Founded by Noto Nanao, Takazawa Candle Co. has been creating plant based wax candles for the past century using traditional "wa-rousoku" techniques.

The candles are unique for their hollow washi paper wicks, allowing them to produce a tall flames with a bright quality.

The large "Tohaku" Candle burns for 240 minutes and is an homage to the pine trees of Nanao City and one of the most famous painters in Japan, Tohaku Hasegawa who created the world renowned ‘The Pine Trees Screen’.

Sets are available with either one large "Tohaku" candle, or seven small "Tohaku" candles. Each set comes with a matching cast iron candle holder and is presented in an elegant wooden box.