Takazawa "Koma" Cast Iron Candle Holders

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The "Koma" cast iron candle holders are designed to perfectly compliment Takazawa's unique, plant based wax candles with hollow washi paper wicks.

Available separately or as part of the candle sets.

width: 33mm
depth: 33mm
height: 28mm

Suitable for the small Tohaku Candle or the Kome-No-Megumi Candle.

width: 40mm
depth: 40mm
height: 33mm

Suitable for the Nanao Candle.

width: 55mm
depth: 55mm
height: 53mm

Suitable for the large Tohaku Candle.

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Takazawa from Nanao have been making traditional Japanese Candles since 1892. Founded by Noto Nanao, Takazawa Candle Co. has been creating plant based wax candles for the past century using traditional "wa-rousoku" techniques.

The candles are unique for their hollow washi paper wicks, allowing them to produce a tall flames with a bright quality.

The Takazawa Candle Co also strives to minimise the environmental impact in its packaging by using recycled chipboard paper, derived from old newspapers. 

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