“Swill” Issue 5

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Own the fifth issue of Sydney’s newest and boldest publishing venture, “Swill” magazine. This is a high-quality, heavy-stock publication that treads lightly through the back alleys and byways of the hospitality world and the passions of those who inhabit it.

Issue 5 includes earthquakes in Mexico, the only Egyptian pitmaster in Texas, fishing and eating along the sweeping coastlines of Wales, the other side of Ibiza - eating beyond the scene, and selling prawn sandwiches to Brad Pitt at Oban's cult Seafood Hut.

There are also in-depth interviews and features on Dorothy Iannone, Dave Brown, The Two Fat Ladies, Kristy Luck, Sean Moran, Anthony Scutella and much more.

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is an all-access pass to the most powerful voices in food.

Edited by Myffy Rigby (ex-editor of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide) and featuring a roll-call of award-winning writers and photographers, irreverent reverence is the order of the day.

A quarterly publication, Swill is a collection of stories bedded in restaurant culture and all those soft places in between.

A celebration of beauty, told with intelligence and wit. The backbone of human culture, food and drink permeates every aspect of modern life in all kinds of ways. Swill gives voice to the strange, smart, beloved and unloved.

Published by Swillhouse.