Suvira McDonald

Suvira McDonald - Chun Glazed Chawan - Matcha Tea Bowl

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Suvira McDonald is a legendary potter based in Northern NSW.

His career spans more than 30 years, so evident in his lush, generous forms and glazes. Many pieces are wood fired in a Japanese style Anagama wood fired kiln.

Crackled, fire coloured glazes that look like the vessel is itself a glowing ember is a hallmark of McDonald's style.

Conversely, Suvira is extremely practised in all the languages of clay and glaze ... and is also known for his thick and glossy chun ware.

Each piece is like an artwork in it's own right and will become more loved the more you gaze at it, and the more they are used.

Medium #1

height: 6cm
width: 12.5cm


Medium #2

height: 6cm
width: 12.5cm


Large #3

height: 7cm
width: 13cm


Large #4

height: 6.5cm
width: 14.5cm