Ryo Kodomari

Vase #3 - March 2024

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Medium sized vase by Ryo Kodomari from March 2024.

This lovely vessel is topped with a splash of vibrant aquamarine blue glaze and has a dramatic asymmetrical structured rim.

diameter: 11cm
height: 19.5cm 

Nb. this is a hand made piece and measurements are approximate.

Ceramic vase.
Handmade in Japan.

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Ryo Kodomari is a ceramicist based in Okinawa, Japan. His work is colourful, playful and embodies a childlike sense of joy and exuberant creativity. His rounded and tactile vessels are often glazed in swirling geometric designs - in blacks, browns and his signature soft egg yellow - or splashed with vibrant aquamarine blue over raw clay, managing to appear both ancient and contemporary at the same time.

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