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"SOH" Salad Bowls (Pressed)

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These elegant salad bowls are another essential part of our very own "SOH" range, designed with and made by local potter, Peter Anderson.

Created to present food at its best, the lovely textured speckle glaze makes the reds, greens and yellows of your salad really shine.

Available in a range of shapes, from small and elegant, large and deep, through to the magnificent extra large, there's definitely the right bowl for your table.

height: 5-6cm
diameter: 28-29cm

height: 8-9cm
diameter: 32-33cm

height: 5-6cm
diameter: 42-44cm

Nb. these are hand made pieces so sizing is approximate. 

Due to the nature of the glaze and hand formed, variations will occur which only add to their beauty and originality.

Dishwasher safe.
BRT Clay.
Hand made in Australia. 

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