Nawrap - Bath Towels - Anti Odour

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Nawrap’s anti-odour, anti-bacterial, Bath Towel is all-natural, super absorbent, and sublimely soft.

Perfect for the most delicate of skins, the most satisfying dry-off after each shower or bath.

Available in multiple colours to mix and match with your Nawrap Face Towels and Hand Towels.

width: 65
length: 128 cm

Binchotan Charcoal
65% Rayon, 35% Cotton

Natural Persimmon
70% Cotton, 30% Rayon

Natural Linen
50% Cotton, 50% Linen

100% natural.
Easily folded.
Light and breathable.
Suitable for sensitive skin.

Enhanced with binochotan charcoal and natural persimmon with antibacterial and anti-odor properties.

Features an exclusive Japanese 6-layer weave pattern.
Free of dyes and chemicals.