Kinto - "Taku" Ginger Grater

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Elevate your stir fries, soups and more with the simple and effective design of Kinto's Taku Ginger Grater.

Made from solid porcelain, the Taku Ginger Grater is an easy, elegant way to prep fresh ginger for your meals. The small ridges of teeth help to break up the ginger, separating the fibrous material from the pulp and juices to deliver a pure ginger kick.

The Take Ginger Grater is also a handy way to prepare chocolate, hard cheeses, daikon, garlic and many other everyday ingredients.

length: 12.5cm
width: 6.5cm
height: 2cm

White porcelain.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Designed and made in Japan.