Kinto - "Amber" Glass Jug

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The curving design of the "Amber" jug adds an impressive retro feel to this piece, making everyone who uses it feel a little bit nostalgic, as well as very comfortable and relaxed. The spout of the jug is perfectly formed, with a sharper tip at the end, which helps to prevent liquids from continuing to drip after being poured.

The gorgeous tinted brown colour of this piece helps it to really stand out and hold its own, even on a busy table. Because it is made from a heat-resistant glass, this jug is perfect for serving both hot and cold beverages and can withstand an incredible temperature difference of up to 120 degrees C without being damaged.

Designed with a measurement mark on the jug, this piece makes it easy to scale your beverages simply by watching the measurement lines. Another great feature is that it is stackable with other pieces from the Sepia collection, making storage simple and faster than ever.

10.5cm x 8.5cm

amber / sepia

Microwave and dishwasher safe.