Kinto - "Cast" Amber Cafe Latte Mug

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Kinto's "Cast" Amber Cafe Latte Mug carries on the Japanese brand's elegant design language to offer a sleek, simple glass cup in a welcoming hue that promises to make your favourite drinks even more delightful.

Part of the "Cast" Amber collection, these beautifully-designed cups pair with a complete suite of mugs, cups, drinking glasses and jugs that combine to bring a warm, nostalgic quality to your dinner table.

In three sipping sizes.

diameter: 8.5cm
width: 10cm (incl handle) 
height: 6.5cm
capacity: 220ml

diameter: 8.5cm
width: 10cm (incl handle) 
height: 9cm
capacity: 310ml

diameter: 9cm
width: 11.5cm (incl handle)
capacity: 430ml 

Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Designed in Japan.
Manufactured in China.

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