Kazuya Ishida

"Abyss" Ceramic Sculpture #01 - May 2024

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"Abyss" ceramic sculpture in Bizen porcelain, by Kazuya Ishida from May 2024.

height: 8.5cm
depth: 11cm
width: 13cm
weight: 800g

Nb. this is a handmade piece and measurements are approximate.

Ceramic sculpture.
Bizen porcelain.
Handmade in Japan.

About Bizen porcelain
Bizenware is traditionally made only with the dark brown clay of the Bizen area. However Kazuya is currently pioneering a new Bizen style featuring porcelain clay. On the edge of Bizen is the Tsuchihashi porcelain mine, whose raw material is normally crushed and highly processed for industrial ceramics and western style tableware. However Kazuya is now taking the same raw soil and rocks and processing them by hand in the traditional Bizen way, producing a unique, textured white clay he’s calling “Bizen porcelain”. This series is his first release featuring this stunning new material.

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Kazuya Ishida
was born into a family of potters in Bizen, Japan, where he still works and lives. He's a master at the traditional unglazed high temperature-fired bizen-style, and generously shares his knowledge around the world teaching kiln building, firing and pottery making.

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