Kazuya Ishida

Kazuya Ishida - Ripple Form #2, 2023

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Ripple Form #2, 2023 by Kazuya Ishida. 

This piece is part of the body of work from his Solo Show July 2023 at DEA EAST.

It was made during his 2023 workshop at Canberra Potters.

opening: 18cm
width: 22cm
length: 72cm
height: 29cm

Nb. this is a hand made piece and measurements are approximate.

Unglazed stoneware clay.
Fired in an electric kiln.
Hand made in Australia.

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Kazuya Ishida
was born into a family of potters in Bizen, Japan, where he still works and lives. He's a master at the traditional unglazed high temperature-fired bizen-style, and generously shares his knowledge around the world teaching kiln building, firing and pottery making.

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