Futagami - Ihada Brass Clocks

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Designer Oji Masanori has crafted each of these "Ihada" Brass Wall Clocks to cast a shadow on the wall that tells the hour.

Pole Star
There are twelve shafts of light representing the twelve hours. Enjoy the shadow of the shafts on the wall that changes their shape over the course of the seasons.

Note that the 12 and 6 o'clock shafts are slightly longer.

width: 269.5mm
diameter: 275.5mm
height: 37mm

Brass, Stainless Steel

Twelve ridges extend on the face of the IHADA moon. Enjoy the soft, ever-changing shadows cast on the rough texture over the course of the seasons.

diameter: 210
height: 34mm

Brass, Stainless Steel

Each one of the 12 triangles in the dodecagon has a different tone of twinkling light. Enjoy the twinkles and the gradation of the shadows on adjacent triangles that change over the course of the seasons.

diameter: 180mm
height: 37mm

Brass, Stainless Steel

A brass pin for plasterboard is included. It is good for hanging the heavy brass wall clocks up to 7 kg.


Design by Oji Masanori
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1974.  After working in an architect office and a graphic design office, he became a handicraft designer. His works expand from designing a variety of Japanese handicraft products, making graphic designs of ongoing works to developing the branding of his product families in an integrated manner. He designs based on the upbringing of a handicraft item with an eye in the destiny of that particular product.

He handles the product design and the development of the “Futagami” brand (2009-). He also co-organizes a series of exhibitions of Japanese handicraft and products of medium-scale production, called “TE TE TE Traders’ Expo” (2012 -). 

In 2015, he became the juror of the Takaoka Craft Competition. In 2016, he became the chief juror.

Founded in 1897, the origins of Futagami were rooted in making brass artefacts in the Buddhist tradition.

The company has since developed a very successful homeware product brand, but has maintained its focus on producing quality, handcrafted furnishings that last generations.

Their brass alloy is famous in Japan for gradually developing a rich patina over the course of many years due to the oxidisation process.