Futagami - Shelf Brackets

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Strong and stylish brass shelf brackets, in large or small.

Large (set of 2)
width: 180mm
depth: 30mm
height: 100mm

Single bracket supports up to: 40Kg (80Kg as a pair)
Made from Brass.

Small (set of 2)
width: 120mm
depth: 30mm
height: 66mm

Single bracket supports up to: 30Kg (60Kg as a pair)
Made from Brass.

Flat head brass screws included.
30mm x 6 (for wall)
12mm x 6 (for securing shelf)

The width of the shelf should be less than 28cm.  

The included screws will be sufficient to affix directly to wood lining and/or through standard plasterboard to wood.

Depending on the thickness of wall lining, longer screws may be necessary to fix through through thick plaster board or similar non-structural linings to timber framing.

Designed by Masanori Oji and made by Futagami, Japan.

Founded in 1897, FUTAGAMI has a long history of making brass artifacts used in the Buddhist traditions. Brass products gradually change their colour over the course of many years dues to oxidisation. The longer they are used, the richer they become.