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eNproduct introduces a series of items to enjoy a good coffee time. An innovative coffee dripper, a stylish coffee filter stand and an elegant measuring spoon, which are some basic items to start a day with a good cup of coffee.

The coffee dripper is perfect for a busy morning as its wire like shape allows the coffee filter not to stick easily to it. It is easy to clean and washable as well. For those who have never used a coffee dripper, you can make good coffee with it because it is easy to see and adjust the hot water that is poured into the filter and no gas is accumulated inside it. 

The coffee filter stand can also be used as a card or a cut board stand. The coffee measuring spoon's unique form allows it to stand without falling, making it a very useful item when making coffee. 

Coffee Dripper (d100 x h78mm)
Coffee Measuring Spoon (w43 x d105 x h40mm)
Coffee Filter Holder (w100 x d38 x h62mm)

Stainless steel (brass plated or copper plated), black
White Ash (Sand paper finish) 

Nb. the copper plated coffee dripper will change in appearance in time due to the nature of its material.

Please do not use in dish washing machine nor dish dryer
When washing with dish soap, use a soft sponge.

eNproduct is a new brand that finds the balance between functionality and simple silhouettes.