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"Asteroid" Oil Burner

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Wonderfully minimal, the asteroid is so chic. An iconic Australian design by those clever people at Addition Studios.

Arriving to you with an Australian made beeswax candle and essential oil, simply remove the lid of the burner, light the candle and add 3-5 drops of the essential oil around the rim of the lid.

As the candle burns it will heat up the brass lid, diffusing the soothing scent of the oil into the space.

Hot to the touch after a long burn time, blow your candle out and let cool.

This brass oil burner is designed to age with you over time.

70 x 70 x 50mm 

available in
- Brass
- Black Marble
- Onyx
- Travertine

Each is gift boxed.
Includes: 1 x beeswax tea light, 1 x lavender oil flask.