08 OCT 2022  DEA EAST

10am - 5pm  674 Bourke Street Redfern NSW 2016

DEA EAST presents the first solo show in Australia by master Japanese potter, Toru Hatta.

This will be a significant collection, consisting of existing work and new pieces, all in one location for the first time in Australia.

All work from this exhibition will be released online at 10am on Sun, 9th October 2022.

See our full selection of work by Toru Hatta

Toru Hatta is a powerhouse ceramicist based near Osaka, Japan. His work is a contemporary fusion of Japanese, Korean and Chinese ceramic history, expert craftsmanship and a focus on the spiritual character of clay.

Photo by Yusuke Nishibe.

We've been admiring and purchasing his work since our first foray to Japan in 2013, and were fortunate enough to meet him at a Tokyo exhibition in March 2020. We are now excited to present his first solo show in Australia. 

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