Sasa Barnes is a Sydney based industrial designer working for the multidisciplinary design studio Caon Design Office, whose wide ranging projects include aerospace, industrial, product and interior design.

She recently graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, with a Bachelor of Product Design combined with a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. She was also a finalist in the The Design Show’s "Australia’s Next Top Designer" 2022.

Before joining Caon, she has worked at the head studio of the Australian ceramic business Mud, as well as interning in design in NYC.

In her personal work, she has always been drawn towards more creative expression, and is interested in exploring the design and innovation of physical objects and forms, which aim to blur the boundaries between art and design.

"There is an innate beauty that transcends the intimacy of personal spaces, and the power of design to construct and control these environments and objects, is what constantly drives my desire to be a creative. For me looking at the world and its community, and everything that is going on within it, provides the most incredible platform to bring innovative solutions to unanswered questions and challenges."

"Designing to harness the innate beauty and character of a material has become a growing theme throughout my pieces. Working with glass was the most unexpected and beautiful process. I knew what I wanted, but was happy to be led by the material itself and my goodness it certainly showed me up."


Our offering at DEA has always been eclectic, and we have boundless curiosity and enthusiasm for talented artists in all disciplines. Thus we are super excited to add this amazing designer to our pantheon of creatives.