Moraig McKenna is a renowned Australian potter based in Gunderoo, outside of Canberra. 

She's been making wood fired pottery since 1991, working primarily with "anagama" and wood fired salt kilns, and using unglazed clay surfaces. As part of her early research into this practice, she developed a porcelain style clay, especially designed for wood firing, and the interaction between this clay and the wood fire process produces a rich pallet - from earthy blushes through to dramatic glassy blacks.

Moraig works with a range of techniques, including wheel throwing and slab construction, and enjoys how simple forms can be a counterpoint to the drama and richness of wood fired surfaces.

"It is important to me that the imprint of my hand is evident in the finished work. For me these marks become a point of connection between the hand of the maker and that of the user."


We discovered Moraig's work during a visit with her partner, the famous Australian potter Ian Jones, at their beautiful home and studio, built around an historic stone church.

We're honoured to have both hers and Ian's work amongst the DEA collection.