Born in regional NSW, Australia, Minna grew up in the Snowy Mountains, immersed in a rich world full of nature and creativity. As a child any artistic endeavour was greatly encouraged which in turn instilled a need to create.

Exploring Australia during early adulthood Minna observed life in the remote and harsh landscapes of Australia. Settling in Daylesford, Victoria, Minna enrolled in a Diploma of Ceramics at the University of Ballarat in 2009. Graduating in 2012, Minna was awarded the Brian McLellan Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Minna has since worked as ceramic artist, her work featured in numerous galleries such as Craft Victoria and Sturt Gallery-School of Excellence in Arts, Design and Fabrication. She is a founding member and Director of Clayspace -Daylesford and Region Ceramics Collective since 2010 and continued to work in this role until 2018. 

Minna continues to travel and seek out cultures with strong ceramic traditions, learning traditional pottery and firing techniques in Myanmar, East Timor, Cambodia, France, and Romania. Having completed courses in Japan focusing on the tradition of Karatsu ware and Tea Ceremony, Minna now specialises in Teaware. In 2019 Minna won the Australian Cultural Tea Seminar Teacup Competition and was invited as a guest speaker to the Tea Seminar, Hobart.

Exhibiting regularly in both group and solo shows, Minna's work features in galleries and retail stores across Australia as well as internationally.