The genius in Sydney artist Michelle Connolly’s work lies in her magical ability to assemble random objects into characters of bewitching charm and whimsy, as if all parts had been searching for each other all along - like a starburst in reverse.

Heads are often carved or sculpted out of clay and then fired in a kiln. Her incredible sense of proportion and colour are like a glue that makes these characters come to life. Every one who gazes on them will find a special connection with their very incredible new friend.

Michelle has been making figures out found material since 2010. These figures speak to her imagination, and with play and improvisation she conjures up a character, some in animal form, some more human, which end up dancing on her studio walls. They have a history in their make up - stories to be told and although they stand alone, they also come together in a dialogue with each other. These poor scraps are turned into rich trophies - waste not, want not.


For many years now, we've been lucky to have had a continuous and joyous parade of Michelle's work dancing across our walls. It's always fascinating to see which piece resonates with which customer, and it's never long before someone finds one irresistible and takes it (and sometimes several of its friends) home.