Born in Korea, Kim Woochang received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in ceramic craft from Kookmin University in Seoul, and is now living and teaching in Sydney, Australia.

In his 19 years of practice, Kim has mastered both traditional and creative ceramic techniques. 

“I am inspired by the crafts left by craftsmen of the past. The beauty of such crafts can be closely observed in our daily lives and touches our soul deeply. Similar beauty can also be found in many other forms such as clothing, art, design. All share an element of being understated and being in balance and harmony with their surroundings.

“ In my work, I start with the beauty created by Korean artists of the past. In pottery, I focus on the inlay techniques of celadon porcelain, the decorative techniques of Buncheong porcelain, and the shapes of white porcelain. I have a desire to express the beauty of the curves and decorative techniques found in hanok (traditional Korean houses) and other artisanal tools and objects of the past. I want to introduce the array of Korean traditional artisanal beauty through my ceramics”.


We first met Kim when he was assisting Peter Anderson in the production of our famous "Soh" range, and we were impressed by his controlled and masterful throwing skills. We are now proud to present his own refined and creative work as part of the DEA stable.