Karin Klugman is based in Sydney and has been studying and making ceramics since 2015. Her ceramic journey started when the youngest of her four children began school. She developed a yearning to spend time in a creative space, separate from home life, and clay more than satisfied that need.

After completing a diploma of ceramics and attending many workshops in Australia and overseas, her ceramic journey has taken many turns, and she's drawn influence from serendipitous meetings with other potters and the experiences she's had along the way.

"Through clay I continue to discover who I am. Being such an expressive medium, it gives me the scope to tell my story, intentionally or not. There are few rules when working with clay, which appeals to my adventurous side. It encourages endless experimentation, bringing both joy and inevitable failure at times. In this sense, it is always new and exciting to me."

"I find clay to be no less than magical! Not much else is needed, and yet all of the senses are quietly drawn into the process. It makes me so happy that the rewards continue beyond the making. The finished product gives its user an invitation for sensory exploration which may not be apparent immediately."

Karin hopes to provide a little surprise beyond the utility, and for this reason she enjoys making functional pieces. She likes to create textures, colours and forms that seem a little different each time they are noticed. The joy resounds when someone else finds intrigue in her creations.

"I love the freedom, but also the consideration required when working with clay. It demands patience and understanding. It is a wonderful silent teacher. I am always learning and always grateful for the opportunity."


We were first introduced to Karin's work early in 2023 when she was part of our collaborative exhibition with local clay studio Claypool. Her delicately coloured "sgraffito" vessels are a welcome counterpoint to our permanent offering at DEA.


Friends of DEA x Claypool
29 MAR - 11 APR 2023 • DEA EAST