Jenni was born in the Philippines, grew up in Australia, lived in London and Rome and is currently residing in Australia. Her pottery journey began in 2012 following a career in media and television.

Jenni’s aesthetic falls somewhere between European and Eastern with wide-ranging influences from Japanese, Korean and Chinese ancient ceramics to Scandinavian and mid-century design, Bauhaus and even kawaii culture. Her ceramics, both decorative and utilitarian in nature, seek to sing in the spaces they occupy.

"As a creator working primarily in three dimensions, I mainly consider my work as investigations into form and function. I'm also interested in my own fetishisation of form and the relationships that we inevitably make with objects.

My work is rooted in the traditional aspects of the craft in technique and construction; although my aims are for these mundane forms to have the capacity to transcend themselves. To reach into our yearning to engage in ritual and our predilection to attribute emblematic properties to objects that can be both banal and personal.

Overall, what I’m asking is - how does a mere mug or vase become imbued with value and meaning once held in the hand? And so, I find that it's the interaction between human and object that cultivates meaning and it's this personal reaction to objects that really interests me. At the end of the day, I wish for my objects to sing in the spaces they inhabit; what that song is depends on the beholder."



We love Jenni's strong geometric design sense, precisely rendered on exciting clay vessels - her work is welcome addition to the wide spectrum of ceramic styles on offer at DEA.


2021 - Strictly Functional Pottery National, USA
2022 - XV Biennale Internazionale della Ceramica di Manises, Spain
2022 - Cluster Crafts Fair, UK
2022 - Little Things Art Prize, Australia
2022 - Thrown Contemporary Winter Exhibition, UK