How does one begin to describe the work of Hikari Masuda? We first stumbled across her work in a tiny shop in the back streets of Daikanyama, Tokyo, and as we gazed upon one of her iconic Kokeshi Sake Jugs, we felt lost and speechless for quite some time.

The charm of her folkloric aesthetic is undeniable. Whether her pieces are hand built or cast, and then delightfully decorated, we feel transported to a world of innocent fairy tales and fun. Therein lies her genius - each piece feels completely joyful and her painterly expression adorns each work with such clear eyed application, one cannot help but fall in love. We feel her work is such a strong part of DEA, because we want to have fun, and we want you to have fun too!

Hikari is a self confessed lover of teddy bears, koalas and kokeshi. Her output is so prodigious and passionate, and while each piece is a delight for daily use, they're all made in the highest of quality. Meaning "light" in Japanese, we feel her name "Hikari" is perfect as she brings light into everyone's world through her incredible artistry and unique vision. We feel absolutely enthralled.

Visiting her and her family in Tokoname (her husband is ceramicist Tetsuya Ozawa, whose work we also stock) is always the highlight of our Japanese trip. Living in a converted farmhouse in a town that has a pottery history spanning 1000 years, Hikari plies her trade in putting a smile on anyone's face who comes into contact with her work.

She was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture in 1985. After studying ceramics at Musashino Art University, Department of Crafts and Industrial Design, Masuda assisted Chikako Yoshikawa for four years, gaining independence in 2012.


Hikari's work has been delighting customers at DEA for almost 6 years now. We wait patiently for each drop, praying fervently to the ceramic gods that her boxes arrive intact. News travels fast and her pieces (particularly the larger ones) sell out fast.


So far we've had three shows featuring Hikari's work, our latest featuring Hikari herself in person, along with her equally talented husband Tetsuya Ozawa.

24 NOV 2023 • Near & Far
14 DEC 2021 • Floating Bears
23 MAY 2018
 • Together In Ceramic Dreams