Ginny Lagos is a ceramicist working in Sydney, Australia.

She completed a degree in sculpture at the Canberra School of Art, ANU in 1993. After a long break, in which she moved to Sydney to start a family, Ginny returned to sculpture and spent several years attending workshops at the Tom Bass Sculpture School in Sydney around 2014-2017.

In 2017-2018 she joined Clay Sydney, then moved to her current studio space in Enmore in 2019.

"I’ve always loved sculpture. As a small child in Canberra I remember looking up at the Tom Bass monument Ethos, it held some kind of intrigue and magic… the scale of it, the tactile nature and material were fascinating to me. I recall a Henry Moore type sculpture that I climbed on many times, that sparked an interest in his work, and also the idea that sculpture should be touched (and if you can get away with it, climbed on!) to really experience it."

Her inspiration draws on ancient depictions of animals, such as carved Roman and Persian lions, medieval aquamaniles, and also the wonderful naive wood carving of animals in folk art. 

Her creatures are made by forming their solid shapes, drying them a little, carving, shaping and honing the form. They are then hollowed out so they don’t explode in the kiln! The clay type determines the finish, and she may either polish, wax, or glaze them.

She's currently using Scarva earthstone, Keanes toast, and Clayworks sculptural fine clays, which give a versatility and diversity of colour and texture, and are ideal for sculpting with.


We're delighted to have Ginny's tender creatures nestled amongst our other stunning ceramics at DEA.