Emily is a Sydney based ceramicist and her initial introduction to clay began during her study at the College of Fine Arts UNSW - studying a Bachelor of Design and majoring in Textiles and Object Design.

It was spending many hours at the computer on digital prints and CAD designs that led her to crave working with tactile materials. This ignited her fascination with clay which led her to apply it as a primary medium to her practice. 

Clay became an escape, a way to work in three dimensional form. Emily began exploring its limitless possibilities in technique and shape, and soon it became a key material in sculpture projects, tableware and lighting assignments - an obsession which would transcend university and become the centre of her practice as a full time Ceramicist 

Hand building techniques are at the centre of her process. Stoneware clays, milky and speckle glazes fired to high temperatures all create visual connection between the material and the surface of the form itself. The labour intensive process of hand building and the freedom that it allows the maker allows pieces to evolve organically. No two pieces are the same or can be replicated each form is unique. It is this ideology that gives each vessel its own rhythm. 

Her vessels themselves become embedded in the user's daily rituals. They are organic and understated - they bleed into its environment, Almost grow into it. Sculptural flower bowls, vases and tactile drinking vessels organically connect to the florals and the liquids that they hold. They are to be used daily and evolve overtime continuing that connection between the pieces and the user themselves. 


Emily is continuing to evolve and refine her practice, and it's always an exciting day at DEA when a new drop arrives. Our customers obviously feel the same, and her pieces often sell out before we've had time to update our online store. See our current selection of her work here, but be quick! 


We've been featuring Emily's work at DEA since 2018, and so far she's been showcased in three of our exhibitions:

26 OCT 2019 • Saku
11 OCT 2018 • Vessels From The Coast
23 MAY 2018 • DEA 3