Araceli Adams produces work under the name Casa Adams Fine Wares, a small ceramics studio run by @araceli_adams with the inestimable help of her husband Dominic and Studio Apprentice Talia.

Born in Spain, she grew up surrounded by her family’s cherished collection of hand painted antique pottery from Talavera de la Reina. Araceli spent her childhood in Spain and Australia, living also in the UK and Canada before settling in Sydney.

She was introduced to ceramics in Toronto and to the mysteries of porcelain in NYC’s Greenwich House Pottery. Araceli holds a BA in English, an MA in Marketing and a Diploma of Ceramics (with Distinction). Her work has been featured in The World of Interiors, Home Beautiful, Gourmet Traveller and The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

In a nod to hand-coloured 18th century natural history copperplate engravings, Araceli’s illustrations are monoprinted on to the porcelain pieces that are hand made in the studio. After a first firing in the kiln, they are painted with watercolour-like washes of underglaze. Each piece is then meticulously glazed and fired a second time, producing functional artworks that are equally at home in daily use or on the wall.

In addition to the Casa Adams classic designs, Araceli also makes one-of-a-kind ceramics under her own name. These pieces have been exhibited in Australia and the United States.

The studio’s designs are inspired by Australia’s rich biodiversity, with the aim to recreate the wonder and curiosity felt by naturalists during the Age of Discovery. As the climate changes and more natural habitat is lost, Araceli hopes her works elicit the same wonder and joy, so we may be more inclined to value and preserve what we have.

With a strong sustainability ethos, Casa Adams contributes to Carbon Positive Australia by planting a native tree or shrub in Australia for each piece sold. 

We've been admiring Araceli's work for some time now, so we're overjoyed to finally have her sublime creatures swimming across the shelves at DEA.


25 NOV - 04 DEC 2022 A Celebration of Australia's Marine Biodiversity

Over the last few years, Araceli has designed dozens of Australian fish, crustacean and cephalopod platters. For the first time, this exhibition brings together the entire collection in one spot, celebrating the beauty and diversity of the our local marine life.