Yang Qiu

"Dancing Capsicum" Vase - December 2023

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"Dancing Capsicum" ceramic vase by Yang Qiu from December 2023.

This delightful vessel is based on the shape of a capsicum, lovingly rendered in gradated pale pinks and oranges, then brought to life with the whimsical addition of dancing arms (one holding a fan) and multiple red shoe clad legs.

width: 13cm
depth: 8cm
height: 16.5cm
opening: 2.5cm

Mid fired clay, underglaze, lustre.
Hand made in Australia.

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Yang Qiu is a prolific interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. 

Informed by her background as a pastry chef, her unique approach to ceramic creation, involves transforming local produce, such as corn, eggplants, and mandarins, into functional ceramic sculptures, all while exploring the shapes and surfaces of food in her paintings. 

She imbues her work with a sense of whimsy and childlike wonder, often characterising her creations with faces and legs, as though imbuing them with personalities and identities. 

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